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horse physiotherapy

Hunts Hill Physiotherapy 
Professional, reliable and effective physiotherapy for you, your dogs and your horses. Hunts Hill Physio is run by Chartered physiotherapist, Maxine Cooch and covers Leicester, Loughborough and surrounding counties.

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For Human

Are you sitting comfortably? Do you find one rein easier to work on than the other?  Is there something you just can't get right no matter how hard you try? Your technique could be perfect, but if you don't have the strength to ask, you may still struggle. A physiotherapy session, either on board or in clinic, may be just what you need!

equine physio

For Horses

Has your horse recently suffered from injury? Perhaps they have had surgery, are you struggling to know where to start with your rehab? Is your horse just not quite right, either in their behaviour or their ridden work. Maybe they are stiff on one rein or struggling with transitions. Either way I can help!
dog physiotherapy

For Dogs

Has your dog suffered an injury? Recently has surgery? Or are you stating to notice them struggling a little more than usual? Physiotherapy can help!

’The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK’s 56,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and associates’

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