The calm before the storm

Since my last blog I have been making steady progress. I have written up my pilot study, almost completed my lit review and even started on my materials and methods chapter. But the biggest and most exciting thing is that with still around a week to go I have managed to convince 19 (!) people to participate in my study. This is excellent progress considering its a bit of a pain to complete, and there have been a few difficulties on the way. . .But I'm taking all feedback as a good thing, it means more to write about in the discussion :) So I thought I would perhaps give you a little snippet into the lit review, I hope you find it enlightening, but just a small bit about what these outcome me

Plodding on. . .

After a fairly sucessful mid-semester presentation (70% i'm hastened to add) I am still struggling to get all my filming finshed off! I really need two more canditates, that are well behaved and have had the right sort of surgery, tricky! I was hoping to start data collecting by the end of this week, however that is now looking less likely :( On the plus side I go skiing at the end of this week, so life could be worse! Today my intension is to finsh off the first draft of my literature review, I am 3000 words down and about 1000 to go, give or take, so i'm fairly happy with my progress there. I have also completed my Pilot study. The outcome measure itself seems to have gone down pretty wel

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