I use a Class 3b Omega LASER, also known as

PhotoBioModulation (PBM). It works by

stimulating the body's natural healing

mechanisms Although there is ongoing

research into the exact process three key

effects have been identified.

 1. Healing growth factor response through:

Increased ATP and protein synthesis

Improved cell proliferation

Change in cell permability to calcium up-take

 2. Pain Relief through

Increased endorphin release

Increased seratonin

Suppression of nociceptor action

 3. Immune system support through

Increasing levels of lymphocyte activity

Photomodulation of blood.

It can therefore have a number of uses with equine and canine physiotherapy. For equine I primary use it for pain relief, where it can be beneficial to first ease muscle tension prior to hands on mobilisation (see blog). However I have also used it successfully in the treatment of specific injuries such as tendinopathies, post surgery such as interspinous ligament desmotomies (for kissing spine) and wound healing. For canine I primarily use it for pain associated with osteoarthritis or post surgery. 

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