Half day MOT for horse and rider £150

Completed at your yard and includes;

  • Unmounted biomechanical assessment of strengths and weaknesses

  • Mounted biomechanical assessment and how the above may be
    affecting your riding and your horse

  • Personalised exercise program to address any inbalences

  • Equine assessment

  • Slow motion video gait analysis

  • Palpatory assessment

  • Range of motion assessment

  • Full treatment dependent upon findings inc; soft tissue massage, Myofascial release, electrotherapy where appropriate, joint mobilisations where appropriate

  • Personalised exercise program as appropriate

  • Full email support and follow up sessions where required

Please contact me for more information

Physiotherapy and sports injury assessment and treatment - £40


Wide range of modalities to effectively treat your aliments including but not limited to

  • Back pain / sciatica

  • Neck pain / pins and needles & headaches

  • Shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, post surgery

  • Elbow pain including tennis elbow, golfers elbow, post surgery

  • Hip/Pelvis pain including bursitis, piriformis syndrome, tendinopathy

  • Knee pain including altered biomechanics, osteoarthritis, tendinopathy

  • Ankle/foot pain including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy

  • Unmounted rider biomechanics assessments

  •  Sports massage also avalible

Please contact me for more information

Please contact me for an appointment

07779 003359


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’The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK’s 56,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and associates’

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