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5 awesome reasons to treat your horse to regular physiotherapy.

When you think of physiotherapy the first thing that may come to your head is rehab, but what about maintenance physio? Does your horse need it? What are the benefits. Read on to find out.

1. Avoid compensation. Horses in work are similar to desk workers (bear with me here), humans were not meant to remain seated in the same position all day. Consequently office workers often get back pain, similarly horses were not made to be ridden, whilst we do our best to encourage good posture and strength we cannot always avoid compensation for the work they (or we as desk workers) do. For this reason maintenance physiotherapy can be a vital asset to ensure they are feeling at their best to keep doing what they do.

2. Management of old injuries. If your horse has previously undergone surgery or has had an injury in the past, it may well have left him with some compensatory patterning. Physiotherapy can help to resolve these issues and manage any pain accordingly. By dealing with this regularly we can ensure he continues to feel great.

3. Continuity. Using the same therapist for regular physiotherapy sessions will mean that if there is anything straying from the norm it will be picked up sooner rather than later. This means that any abnormalities can be treated effectively and efficiently before it becomes a problem.

4. Relief from Long term problems. Long term problems such as arthritis can be well managed with physiotherapy. From advise to ongoing exercise management and bespoke exercise programs to suit your horse’s needs, your horse will never feel so good.

5. Performance enhancement. Looking for that extra something? Physiotherapy can help to improve stride length, improve fitness and enhance performance

6. (Bonus reason) Because they will love you for it! Horses and their riders can experience instant relief from just one physiotherapy session. Do your exercises and keep up the work to continue to enjoy the freedom and looseness that a physiotherapy treatment can give you. Ongoing treatment will mean ultimate comfort you’re your steed.

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