My Research Diary

So I have decided to start a ‘Research Diary’ in the form of a blog. Partly as a procrastination technique and partly because I read somewhere it was good to write your thoughts and ideas down in an informal way to help write a more formal piece (But mainly for procrastination purposes, there’s only so much tidying I can do!).

So to get you up to speed so far. . . .

A little about me; I qualified as a human physiotherapist in 2009 from the University of Brighton, I did a ski season, then settled into a junior position at the University Hospitals of Leicester for 3 years. Then I completed a 2 year post graduate diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I took a year out to practice, I currently work alongside Samantha Rodwell in the Leicestershire/Northampton area working with large animals (mainly horses) as well as at Dovecote Veterinary Hospital in Castle Donnington with small animals.

It was at Dovecote where I was inspired to go back to Uni to complete my MSc. This takes the form of a research project and dissertation into a chosen subject.

The majority of dogs that I work with at Dovecote are dogs with spinal injuries. So many of them are unable to use either their back legs or their front legs or in some cases any legs! Many of the techniques that I use have been developed from techniques I learnt on the Stroke wards at Leicester Royal Infirmary and it is important for me to know how well my patients are doing.

Currently I use terms such as ‘appears to be walking well’ or ‘owner reports managing more at home’ but what I really wanted was a defini

So this brings me to my idea to develop a functional measure to use for dogs with spinal injuries.

So today is Thurday, my proposal is due in on Monday, I’m working at the vets all morning tomorrow, I have a Border collie that wants exercising and a horse that appears to be some sort of pooing machine, I’m 300 words from finishing my proposal, but what I really want to do is go and ride!

So my plan for today is. . .crack on with this proposal, get all the words down on paper, look up references later (I hope my supervisors don’t read this!) and then treat myself to a lovely afternoon ride in the sun!

Wish me luck!

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