Ready to Start?!

I have managed to get ethical approval! whopee! Now the really hard stuff begins and I start to panic about things such as statitical analysis (!) Literally shouted at my computer. . .BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND! *sigh* But I pulled myself togther (well maybe the hubby did) and am trying not to worry about it til Friday, when I'm hopefully meeting up with a lovely lady who can explain this all too me (Fingers crossed).

So the next steps are as follows . . .

I have already sent the outcome measure to one of my 'key informanats' who has very promptly, despite having a young baby! Bless her! replied. She has provided some very useful feedback, which we will hopefully dicuss iminatly.

Meanwhile the consent forms for the use of peoples dogs to film are waiting at reception, ready for any ill-fortuate dog to come in and require a hemilaminectomy.

I am also trying to get some of the literature review writtern down. I have been advised to read through some previous disserations, so yes, people who completed your disserattion last year. . I have read yours! It actually makes for some intersting reading, so I hope that makes those people who have completed it feel better about themselves. . .your work is useful and it does mean something ;)

I also need to get in touch with the ladies that organise our ACPAT seminar in the hope there may be five minetes at some point to promote the study to hopefully get more people involved, not to mention student veterinary physio's . . .I'm coming after you too!

So thats about it for now.

Hopefully next time I will have some of my films sorted and all my key informant information to hand, ready to go live! Exciting stuff!

One more thing. . . I think I've sussed out Survey Monkey and Drop box, so hopefully when we are ready with the films that will be ready too!

Thanks for reading, apologies for spelling errors, I can't find the spell check!


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