Plodding on. . .

After a fairly sucessful mid-semester presentation (70% i'm hastened to add) I am still struggling to get all my filming finshed off! I really need two more canditates, that are well behaved and have had the right sort of surgery, tricky! I was hoping to start data collecting by the end of this week, however that is now looking less likely :( On the plus side I go skiing at the end of this week, so life could be worse!

Today my intension is to finsh off the first draft of my literature review, I am 3000 words down and about 1000 to go, give or take, so i'm fairly happy with my progress there. I have also completed my Pilot study. The outcome measure itself seems to have gone down pretty well, there are a few adjustments to make, but the good news is that we are all in agreement about where changes need to be made. This means that there are certain 'themes' which will make it much easier to write up as a qualatitive peice of data.

So actually, having just read my previous blog things are starting to take shape. I managed to introduce it at the ACPAT seminar (although badly) but I hope that it will prompt people to have a go at paticipating once it goes out to the physios!

So I will leave you with a picture of a lovely dog that her owners kindly let me film as the first one. I am pleased to say that she is progressing very well, and I will try to get a video of her next time I see her, which I will post on my facebook page.

And for now I think I may go get some cookies to get me through the day. . .and maybe tell my dog off for drinking out the toilet again. . . .SHEP!

Bye for now


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